When our church decided to have a community event, we were all given different jobs to do. Mine was to put together a booklet, inviting those who did not attend our church to discover who we are and the different things that we do. We are very community driven, so I knew that I would have no problem putting together a nice booklet. I was given a budget for this, which is what started my search for a company that does booklet printing in Brisbane. Even though the budget was decent, I still wanted to find the best value for us, because I knew that this could be the first booklet of many.

I wanted to find the company that would print the booklets before I even started on them. I had a rough outline of what I wanted, but I had to make sure that it was affordable before I put them together. I had hoped that we would be able to have an eight page booklet. This was small enough to not lose people’s interest, but it was large enough to make an impact for those who would read it all the way through.

It took me just a few minutes to find the printer that we wanted to use. Not only were their prices really great, but they were speedy too. I would not have to rush to get the booklet done since they were able to produce them so fast after I gave them everything. I was able to choose the colors, graphics and layout, so I basically had complete control over the entire booklet. I had a lot of fun designing it, and it felt amazing to see the finished product in my hands just days later. They must have worked too, because our church membership is up!

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