We have a lot lof things to do next week. I am going to take a couple of days off and set up my own office, although I am not yet ready to tell the boss about the fact that I am going to leave. It is going to be a real fireworks show when he finds out and I am surprised that no one has told him yet. Today I am making a list of what I need. That starts with office furniture, a printer table, a couple of desks and about 20 office chairs in singapore. I thought about borrowing one of the trucks from the boss, or from the transport department which would likely not ever tell him. However I decided that might be actionable. I am quite sure that my boss can not successfully sue me, although I have not paid a lawyer to look over the contract. There is not a clause that says that I can not compete against him or go out on my own.

It is going to be hard to figure out how to set up a phone and computer system without wasting any money. That is because I obviously will not be starting out as large as I will be if it all goes the way that I would like it to go. Of course in the ideal world I would be sitting on a beach in a couple of years and the whole thing would be working for me with no effort to speak of. That is far from a realistic outcome however and not really worth thinking about. It should be better than what I have now and if things go well it will be a lot better, although it is also a very risky thing it is clear.

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