At least that is the plan right now. I got sent here so quickly that I sort of got caught flat footed. Of course normally I would have had weeks of advance notice, but this thing came up in the middle of the night. My District Manager called me up at around 3 in the morning and told me that I had to get my self in gear and get on a plane as soon as possible. They had some sort of medical emergency over there, a car accident had taken out the top three people. I found when I got over here, because I forgot to refill some of my prescriptions when I left. At first I was wondering if I would have to find a doctor over here to prescribe the stuff that I needed. However it turns out that my doctor just had to get in touch with the right people and it was all okay.

I have not had that much time to do any sight seeing or the tourist thing. In essence there are about three empty jobs at this plant right now. I am doing one and a half of them and this lady from Singapore is doing the rest of it. She speaks English, but she speaks the language in a way that is hard to get used to. For about the first week I was never quite sure what she was meaning all of the time. After a few days I started to get the gist of the way they use the language. Some words have a lot of different meanings or they have expressions which are not known in the American English. At any rate it is a good thing she is able to do her part of the thing.

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