A lot of my stuff is still parked out in the driveway in a rented moving trailer. I did not even bring the mattress in last night and I just slept on the bare floor. I have some guys who are going to come by and help me with the heavy stuff in a bit and then I have an appointment with a guy who installs Direct Tv in Westfield New Jersey. I would have done that myself, but I would have to go get a ladder and of course the NBA Finals are going to be on tonight. I could probably pick the game up on a set of rabbit ears, but again I am going to be really busy and things are not going to slow down so I can do this sort of thing. I need to figure out where to get the internet hooked up as well. In North Carolina I was using wireless internet from a place called Clear Wireless and I was relatively happy with it, but I have no clue what the options are around here.

Of course this is where the job is and that is the reason that I am here. They just suddenly decided to promote me to a big position up here and gave me about a week to make up my mind. The company is paying for the moving expenses, but it is not going to come out so that I am a big winner. It has been really hectic and it has been quite expensive as well. There is going to be a lot of stuff that I need to do in the next couple of days. They put me in charge of a project that is going to be getting off the ground at the end of the week.

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