I guess for the time being about most of my stuff is in a high rise storage unit. I got a locker type deal from that place that is called Store friendly self storage network. I know about them because I used to work for a store owner who used them to keep his inventory in. He would go back and forth to that place all of the time with a cart and that was how he kept his store stocked with things that were not perishable. Of course I am not really worried about stuff like that right now. I am out of a place to live and I have a lot of stuff which I had to put some place. It had been coming to this for some time. My landlord has been trying to run off every one of the tenants, obviously because he has a plan to replace us with people who have to pay more rent than we do.

At any rate the guy finally managed to get me thrown out and I fought him for a long time, because I knew it would be very hard to find another place that I could afford. In particular this was a really good location for me. It was right off the bus line and it took me a few minutes to get out of the front door of this place and through the front door of the place where I work. Now it takes me a good half of an hour to get to work every morning because I am temporarily sleeping on the couch at my cousin’s place. That is not going to be a solution for long and I have to find something that works for me pretty soon I would have to guess.

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