My uncle called me over to his place the other day. He showed me this web page that was advertising some really nice Cody Wyoming real estate. Of course I did not see what it had to do with me, but he was interested in the videos on the site. The real estate agent had made and edited a group of HD videos showing off the places that he had for sale. I grasped what he wanted and asked him if he was going to give me a budget or if he was going to try to charm me into doing this for free. Of course he was not that happy to have it phrased like that and eventually said that I was supposed to do it because he was my uncle and I was related to him by blood. Of course I reminded him that I was his broke nephew who had a car payment and car insurance, a rent check and a girlfriend who loves to go out and never takes her own credit card out of her purse.

It was a bit like pulling teeth, but eventually I got him to come through with something that was pretty close to money. I started out with this one house that was the one he obviously would have wanted to sell more than any of the others. It is pretty much an estate out in the country. There is a little vinyard, about five or so acres of white grapes. I took a lot of good video of that. Then there is a big house with four bedroom and two and a half baths. There is a little lake about an acre or so in size and by the banks of it there is a smaller house or cottage.

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