With a heating contractor in Bergen County NJ arriving any time now, I can now at last cross off the final thing on my list. I am prepared for Winter this year, man. With the nonsense of last year’s Winter still haunting me I resolved to do everything that I can to avoid a repeat of that absurdity. I’m not a fan of Winter, let me tell you. I don’t even know why I am still living in a state which has a Winter anything like the one that we experience here in New Jersey. But here I am! If I have to live with it, I am going to do what I can to beat it.

Beat it on my terms, anyways. I might not be able to force Winter to stop coming around but what I can do instead is prepare my house in the best possible way by having the furnace, the boiler, the pipes, the roof and even the windows along with weather stripping all taken a look at. Not only will I be able to save money on my energy bill but I will also hopefully be avoiding the mishaps that occurred during the height of Winter in 2013.

Of course, now that I have written this out for you guys I look outside and notice that some limbs in our trees might not be able to support a similar ice build up that we’ve been experiencing the past four or so years. Darn. Well, better to recognize it now rather than waiting until a limb crashes through a window or onto my car. I really don’t need another reason to want to hate or even have to hate Winter. Heck, if something else goes wrong this time around, I’m totally moving to New Mexico.

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